Frequently asked questions and suggestions.

1. Do Not Rely on Internet Search Maps: Bring a paper road map along.

2. Cell phones may not have signal.

3.Print off maps from website of trails and bring with you-there may not be maps available at trailheads, MORE INFORMATION -

Trails are well marked with white carnite post signs with horse on rider and color-coordinated. do not follow the X-Country Ski signs they are MARKED FOR SKIING ONLY!

4.County C may not show up on an internet search, such as It is a cut off road between Aurora, WI and Fence, WI in Florence County.

5. Halls’s Creek Road usually does not show on an internet map. It is East of LaSalle Falls and Rifle Range Road-next road on right is Halls Creek Rd.

6.Fire Tower Rd is a Forestry Road and may not show up on internet map. Turn South off of Cty C-Watch for green marker with a horse picture, hiker picture, etc.( there is also a “Shrine Sign” on Fire Tower Rd/Cty C intersection)

7.Bush Lake Flats is 4 miles West of Hall’s Creek Road on Cty C.

8.Hall’s Creek Road is 4 miles East of Fire Tower Rd/Bush Lake Flats trail on Cty C.

9.Bush Lake Flats is 7 miles from the intersection of Cty N, Cty C, Cty U.

10.Halls Creek is 3 miles from the intersection of Cty N, Cty C, Cty U.

11.When you are at the 4-way stop intersection (Cty C is West “towards Fence, WI) (Cty U is South toward Hwy 8/Dunbar-Goodman) (Cty N goes North to Florence or East to Aurora).

12.Halls Creek does have a porta potty and horse drinking at Halls Lake is at your own risk. WARNING The yellow trail on hall's Creek Trail Map is one of the difficult trails, water crossing, difficult terrain and not for a beginner rider. experience rider.

13.Bush Lake Flats and Horse Shoe Falls do not have water or porta potty at this time.

14.Picnic tables, fire rings, bulletin boards, donation box, trail signs, porta potty, have been donated by the Northern Saddle Club which has received grant money from the Wisconsin State Horse Council. Florence County and Marinette County Forestry and Parks Departments have also donated time and equipment for development and improvements.

15.Halls Creek and Bush Lake Flats are located on Florence County Public land which is open for multi-use purposes. Please be respectful of hikers, hunters, etc.

16.Horse Shoe Falls is located in Marinette County Public lands which is open for multi-use purposes. Please be respectful of hikers, hunters, etc.

17.Please keep parking/camping areas cleaner than when you arrived. Throw manure deep into the woods.

18.Trails are open to the public and are free to ride or hike. (No bicycles or ATVs allowed on trails)

19.Once on Halls’ Creek Road, about ½ mile Do NOT go straight onto ATV road, turn Left and follow main road to trailhead at Halls Lake.

20.There are Fish in Hall’s Lake. Enjoy fishing if you have a Wisconsin Fishing License.

21.There is a large trail map posted at trail heads on bulletin board. There may be free maps and club membership forms at trail head.

22.Please be respectful of other Equestrians. Think Safety First.

23.For the safety of all concerned----Dogs must be on a leash at all times in this campground and on horse trails. (Posted at all trail head bulletin boards)

24.Trails are open from May 1st thru November 1st.

25.You and your horse should wear Blaze Orange during hunting seasons.

26.Club membership forms are also available by email to print off and mail to: Northern Saddle Club, P.O. Box 312, Florence, WI 54121

27.Club meetings will be announced later. date. 

28.Please thank the Florence County and Marinette County Forestry Departments for having Equestrian Trails.

29.The Northern Saddle Club would like your feedback on the trail/parking/camping area by email or mail.

30.Anyone can join the Northern Saddle Club and get updated news and monthly meeting minutes by email or mail. You do not have to own a horse to become a member.

31.Volunteers are needed for work bees.

32.Be cautious of logging equipment. Trails may be compromised because of logging, so check bulletin boards.

33. 2013 plans for improvements: Halls’ Creek improvements include changing color of trails to match cross country skiing trails, parking/camping area expansion and leveling, permanent rustic rest room(no running water), and Hall’s Lake Road improvement of clearing corners for better visibility and making pull off’s for passing vehicles. Horse Shoe Falls improvements, more signage on new trails, picnic tables and fire rings for campfires.

34.The Northern Saddle Club has received thousands of dollars from the Wisconsin State Horse Council trail grant program.

35.Nearby Towns:

a.Florence: visit Businesses: grocery, liquor, gas, ice cream, bait shop, hotel, bed & breakfast, Laundromats, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Bars, Supper Clubs, Ford Motor Sales and Service, Doctor, Dentist, Eye Doctor. Mini golf and go-carts, and a Wild Rivers Adventure Company( 715-952-8027 ) has kayak, paddle board, river tubes & bike rentals plus shuttles, and much more…. Also, Visit the Wild Rivers Interpretive Center.

b.Aurora: Liquor, gas, supper clubs, bars.

c.Iron Mountain/Kingsford-large city-has everything-Iron Mountain Animal Hospital-906-774-5961, Dickinson County Hospital and Emergency Department is located at: 1721 S. Stevenson, Iron Mountain, MI. across from  Walmart.

d.Dunbar: Supper club,and motel.

e.Pembine: grocery, gas, bars, supper club.

f.Amberg: Gas, convenience store, restaurant, bar.

g.Fence: Gas, convenience store, food, bar.


Dickinson County Hospital Systems-Emergency Department 906-774-1313

VA (Veterans) Hospital-Emergency Department


Iron Mountain Animal Hospital 906-774-5961

Crivitz Country Side Vet Clinic 715-854-2266

If questions, please call: Northern Saddle Club’s”

President: Heidi Dumke 906-396-7457

Vice President: Mary Burnett

Treasurer: Rita Krans

Secretary: Sharon Petraska 906-828-3005

The Northern Saddle Club is a non-profit organization.

The vision of the Northern Saddle Club is to work with land owners and land management organizations to preserve and ensure safe riding areas for our present and future equestrian enthusiasts.

All Donations go toward trail development & improvements and other club expenses.

Donations are extremely appreciated and can be made at trailhead’s donation box or by mail.

Northern Saddle Club, P.O. Box 312, Florence, WI 54121