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Halls Creek & Bush Lake Flats Driving Directions


Bush Lake Flats Equestrian Camp and Trailhead

1159 Fire Tower Rd   Florence, WI 54121

Google Maps:  Bush Lake Flats Equestrian Camp and Trailhead

GPS Coordinates:   45° 48' 39.2976'' N88° 18' 29.5452'' W


Halls Creek Equestrian Camp and Trailhead

2450 Halls Creek Dam Rd, Florence, WI, 54121.

Google Maps: Halls Creek Equestrian Camp and Trailhead

GPS Coordinates:   45° 48' 33.2388'' N88° 18' 6.5232'' W


Coming from South:

If traveling on Hwy 141 turn West onto “Hwy 8 West ” at Pembine, WI. Go about 1 mile West of Dunbar, turn North onto County Rd U. Follow Cty U till you come to the only stop sign. It is a 4-way stop sign, turn West (Left) onto Cty Rd C.

Halls Creek Go 3 miles ( go past LaSalle Falls Rd, past Rifle Range Road-the next road on the right is Halls Creek Rd). turn Right onto Halls Creek Road which does have an Equestrian sign. Go 1.7 miles to trailhead. Follow horse signs (white fiber glass signs/post) until you reach the Lake (trailhead/parking/camping lot).


Please note: About ½ mile on Halls Creek Rd-Do Not go straight onto ATV trail-turn Left toward hill on main dirt/gravel road or you will be backing up for awhile. 

Bush Lake Flats is 4 miles West of Halls Creek Road on Cty C. Turn Left on Fire Tower Road. Go about ¼ mile, turn Right…..well marked wood Equestrian trailhead sign. ¼ mile to parking/camping/trailhead.


From the East (Goodman)

on Hwy 8 directions:

Bush Lake Flats: turn North onto Hwy 101 at Armstrong Creek. Turn Right (East) onto County Rd C near Fence, WI. Travel about 5 miles. Turn right (South)onto Fire Tower Road. Go about ¼-1/2 mile turn right on well marked Equestrian wood signed road ¼ mile to parking/trailhead/campground.

Halls Creek Trailhead: Follow above directions to Cty C. Go East about 9 miles on Cty C. Turn North (Left) onto Halls Creek Rd. (Go past Fire Tower Rd where Bush Lake Flat is located another 4 miles to Halls Creek Rd)

US-2 Hwy

(Crystal Falls-Florence)

(Spread Eagle-Florence)

Halls Creek: In Florence, WI turn South onto County Rd N (Do not turn on Hwy 101/70) Travel about 5 miles. At the only stop sign, which is a 4-way stop. Turn (Right)West onto County Road C , go 3 miles turn (North)onto Hall Creek Rd.

Bush Lake Flats is 4 miles further on County C. Turn South on Fire Tower Road. Travel ¼ mile turn Right on Equestrian Trailhead marked signed road.


You can take Hwy 101 to County Rd C near Fence, WI, but it is longer than taking County N in Florence to County C.

Iron Mountain-Niagara-Norway Area

If coming from Iron Mountain/Norway

You can go thru Aurora, WI, travel West about 6 miles on County N to reach 4-way intersection. Go straight(West) onto Cty Rd C towards Fence. Travel 3 miles to Halls Creek on right (go past LaSalle Falls and Rifle Range Rds, next road on right is Halls) Go another 4 miles on Cty C to get to Bush Lake Flats Trail on Fire Tower Rd. turn South on Fire Tower Rd, go ¼ mile turn Right onto Equestrian Trail head wood sign-well marked. Go ¼ mile to camping/parking/trailhead.

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