Northern saddle club renewal  Letter.

Northern saddle club membership renewal letter.


Your membership to the club is greatly appreciated and we are continually working hard to make the club exciting with in the horse trails.

When we approach public land managers and Township boards, they are very interested in the number of members there is in the club, this is where our individual voices are most important. Even if you never attend a meeting or other club function, you are still helping in the club in this way. 

If you don’t stand together in One unified voice, other user groups will take over the areas that we now enjoy as equestrian trails.
This has already happened on the Aurora plains, an Area once enjoyed By some of our older members that are local florence residents. This area is now off-limits to equestrian use and you will be ticketed for riding a horse there. 

 If you would like to renew your membership to the Northern Saddle Club complete the membership form located at the website

Or send to norther Saddle Club PO Box 312. Florence, wi 54121 


Thank you for your time in reading this letter and we are looking forward to seeing you again on the trails.

Regards and happy trails from the northern Saddle club.

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